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Trip Cost *
(per person)
(per person)
Up to $500    =   $35
$501-$600    =   $45
$601 - $700    =   $59
$701 - $1100    =   $69
$1101 - $1500    =   $94
$1501 - $2000    = $129
*Must protect the full cost of the trip.



United States Fire Insurance Company Limitations and Exclusions Benefits are not payable for Sickness, Injuries or losses of You, Your Family Member, Your Traveling Companion or Your Traveling Companion’s Family Member, Your Business Partner, or Your Traveling Companion’s Business Partner 1. resulting from suicide, attempted suicide or any intentionally self-inflicted injury while sane or insane; 2. resulting from an act of declared or undeclared war ; 3. while participating in maneuvers or training exercises of an armed service; 4. while riding, driving or participating in races, or speed or endurance contests; 5. while mountaineering (engaging in the sport of scaling mountains generally requiring the use of picks, ropes, or other special equipment); 6. while participating as a member of a team in an organized sporting competition; 7. while participating in skydiving, hang gliding, bungee cord jumping; 8. while piloting or learning to pilot or acting as a member of the crew of any aircraft; 9.received as a result or consequence of being Intoxicated, as specifically defined in the policy, or under the influence of any controlled substance unless administered on the advice of a Legally Qualified Physician; 10. to which a contributory cause was the commission of or attempt to commit a felony or being engaged in an illegal occupation; 11. due to normal childbirth, normal pregnancy (except for complications of pregnancy); 12.due to a mental or nervous condition, unless hospitalized; 13. for dental treatment (except as a result of Accidental Injury to sound natural teeth); 14.which exceed the Maximum Benefit Amount for each attached coverage as shown in the Schedule & Coverages: or; 15. due to loss or damage (including death or injury) and any associated cost or expense resulting directly from the discharge, explosion or use of any device, weapon or material employing or involving chemical, biological, radiological or similar agents, whether in time of peace or war, and regardless of who commits the act and regardless of any other sequence thereto; 16. due to a Pre-existing Condition, as defined in the Policy. The Pre-existing Condition Limitation does not apply to: (a) Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical Repatriation and Return of Remains coverage; or (b) to coverage purchased within 14 days of the initial Trip deposit. The booking for the Covered Trip must be the first and only booking for this travel period and destination, You are not disabled from travel at the time You pay the premium, and You must purchase this policy for the full non-refundable cost of Your Covered Trip.

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